AMTTF Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility



AMTTF provides services for the machine tool industry to test and upgrade their products to international standards in terms of performance, reliability, quality etc.




  • Testing of machine tools, accessories and parts.

  • Static, dynamic and thermal testing

  • Reliability tests, troubleshooting and remedial measures

  • Sub-assemblies testing (e.g. spindles, axes etc.)

  • Help with CE certification of machine tools

  • CAE services

  • Testing electronic controls and systems

  • Test safety, automation and other aspects

  • Technical Information



AMTTF will have the following facilities:

  • Test beds for machine tools to be tested

  • Instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements

  • Rigidity stands, sensors and systems for thermal testing

  • Noise testing and troubleshooting equipment

  • Spindle test rigs (vibration, noise, running accuracy etc)

  • Ballscrew / Bearings / LM Guideways test rigs

  • Lubrication and wear test rigs

  • Hydraulic / coolant / AC / Refrigeration test rigs etc.

  • CAD/CAE/CAM systems


  • Prototype test laboratory

  • Laser laboratory

  • Metrology laboratory

  • Noise & Vibration laboratory

  • Hydraulic laboratory

  • Electrical laboratory

  • Chemical laboratory

  • Metallurgical laboratory


In order to make the facilities full-fledged, AMTTF is in the process of acquiring the latest  facilities  and also upgrading certain existing facilities as follows:

  • Modal analyzer

  • Upgradation of spindle error analyzer

  • Infrared thermography equipment with digital camera etc.

  • Ball bar System for Testing of High Volume Machines upto 5000mm axis length

  • Flatness Interferometer / Sensor for measurement of Flatness

  • Surface and Contour Measuring Equipment

  • Wear debris analysis equipment

  • Balancing equipments like electronics indicators, probes, levels and other measuring equipments

  • Miscellaneous test equipment such as crash testing, impact, accident, pollution, chip removal, oil, coolant,mixture, stress level checking, life testing etc. 

  • Sensors such as LVDT, Inductive capacitor and optical sensors

  • EMI/EMC test facilities

  • Portable hardness measuring equipment


Benefits to machine tool manufacturers

The  machine tool industry will be the main beneficiary. Any organization manufacturing machine tools or related items can get testing services, investigative testing for solving critical problems, inputs for product upgradation etc. All services from AMTTF are charged.

How to obtain services from AMTTF?


Machine tool and related industries can obtain services from AMTTF in investigative testing and services as given above.


Service providers, consultants and specialists may also approach AMTTF for services in machine tool related areas.


Request for services with full details may be sent to:


The Director,


CMTI Premises
Tumkur Road,
Bangalore 560 022,


Email :

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