Spindle Test Rig

AMTTF has a specialised Automated test rig for testing of Machine Tool Spindles.

Spindle Test Rig (STR) helps to evaluate the performance and reliability of the spindles. Test rig is useful to the Machine tool manufacturing industries in testing and bench marking of machine tool spindles. The test rig is capable of testing spindle for Thermal behaviour, running accuracies, spindle rigidity and Spindle noise.

Features of STR:

  • 18.5 Kw motor to drive the spindle (Max RPM of Motor=12000RPM, Spindle can be rotated even higher RPMs by suitable reduction pulleys).
  • Tests which can be carried out:
  • Geometrical Tests.
  • Idle Power Measurement.
  • Thermal Stability Tests.
  • Compliance / Static Rigidity Tests.
  • Frequency Response Test.
  • Forced Vibration Tests.
  • Noise Tests.
  • Spindle Running Accuracy Test.