Telescopic Cover Test Rig

AMTTF has a specialised Automated test rig for testing of Guideway Covers.

Telescopic Cover Test Rig (TCTR) helps to evaluate the performance and reliability of the Guideway covers used in Machines. Test rig is useful to the Machine tool manufacturing industries and the cover manufacturers in testing and bench marking of Telescopic Covers. The test rig is capable of testing the cover for its functionality, Performance and Reliability under different conditions like, with coolant, without coolant, with chips, etc.

Features of TCTR:

  • Linear Motor drive with up to 120m/min maximum feed.
  • 3 metre stroke length.
  • Up to 2 metre width of cover can be accommodated.
  • Fully programmable for stroke, speed and number of cycles at specific speeds to simulate real duty cycles.
  • Tests which can be carried out:
  • Positioning Accuracy & Repeatability Variation.
  • Reliability Tests.
  • Drag Power & Noise Variation.
  • Wear & Tear.