Test Beds

AMTTF is facilitated with Test bed facility for conducting Full power, Chatter, Vibration and study of Dynamic characteristic of machines, under clamped/Grouted conditions of the machine under test. Total Test bed surface consists of 24 beds (0.5x2.0m area), one of its kind established at AMTTF is designed with a mono-block concrete structure on a steel frame with levelling arrangement, facilitating the total top surface area of testbed with in Flatness. All the 24 Testbeds are designed and manufactured with T-slots, facilitating the machine/test item grouted to the foundation, isolated from external vibrations. The testbed area is capable of accommodating mounting one or more machines and tested simultaneously.

Flatness of Testbed Top Surface : 0.2mm

Floor Area : 4mx13m

Load Capacity : 200tons